Simple Stuff Works by DDO

A joint collaboration in therapeutic positioning for low, and middle income countries. If you are based in a high-income country, please visit

Modelled on a highly successful, well respected, proven equipment design and training service.

    • Infinitely adjustable, it will grow and adapt to the child, young person, or adult’s situation providing longevity and sustainable provision.
    • Secure, comfortable support capable of delivering the necessary biomechanical forces to be effective in protecting and restoring body symmetry.
    • Designed with caregivers in mind it is easily transportable between locations, quickly and easily adjusted and it can be packed away when not in use.


Product Details

The Nest is configured from the following components depending on the size and needs of the child or adult.

      • Base kit in 2 sizes – small and large
      • Super stretch sheets in 3 sizes – cot, single and double
      • A simple range of accessories that can be combined to provide infinite adjustability and support

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Important: This product should be provided and fitted by appropriately trained professionals.
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