ForceWheel Motorised Drive by Mavrix Limited

The ForceWheel is a wheelchair power‐assist system designed for outdoor use with freedom of movement and manoeuvrability in mind. ForceWheel offers a smooth ride and increases user independence.


  • Easy to operate
  • Quick release for ease of transport
  • Easy to mount on the wheelchair frame
  • Light weight and compact
  • Easy to adjust for various wheelchair frame tube sizes

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Important: ForceWheel users need to be able to handle their wheelchair and the motorised drive, at all speeds, to be able to take advantage of the power assistance without putting themselves in danger.
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Additional Information

Weight – wheel and attachment 4.2kg
Weight – battery and controller bag 2.3kg
Maximum distance on one charge 15km at 20°C
Maximum charging time from flat 3h30min
Battery capacity 10AH, 240WH at 20C°
Battery voltage 24 Volts
Motor Hub motor, brushless
Motor power 300 Watts
Tyre type Solid tyre
Tyre size 8” x 2” (200mm x 50mm)
Maximum speed 15km/h
Speed settings 6, 10 or 15km/h