Appropriate Product Provision


DDO follows particular steps in an effort to promote healthy service models and best practice from manufacturer to buyer to service provider to the end user. These steps include:

Progress monitoring

Buyer review and development process

  • Buyers with green standard may continue to order their products while being assessed for continued best practice in service provision
  • DDO will give standard and specific guidance to buyers who fall below green threshold
  • If the Buyer assessment result falls within the amber level, the buyer agrees to a schedule by when the level will be upgraded to green (preferably within less than one year)
  • Buyer will be re-evaluated following the scheduled time. If a delay has been caused by unavoidable circumstances, a new schedule will be developed
  • The Buyers that fall within the red level will be advised of a course of action which will eventually advance them from red to amber to green level. Once the Buyers achieve amber level, buyer may start ordering while continuing to improve to achieve green level
  • Where a green threshold is not achieved within the prescribed time with guidance from DDO and the WHO guidelines the buyer will be re-evaluated.