D-Seat Universal Wheelchair Seating Unit by DDO

D-Seat is an award winning collection of postural support devices to be used individually or as in various combinations. D-Seat satisfies the need for countless features in a positioning seating unit whilst being modular, adjustable and low-cost. The highlight of this product is that it fits virtually any wheelchair base. D-Seat seeks to address the ubiquitous demand for an Intermediate level product that meets the needs of those who require a combination between existing basic wheelchairs and postural support devices. The product complements the World Health Organization (WHO) Intermediate Level Wheelchair Service Training Package.


Product details:

      • Available in 4 sizes to match wheelchair frames with 12”(30cm), 14”(35cm), 16”(40cm) or 18”(45cm) seat width
      • Pre-assembled D-Seat includes: 1 seat board, 1 covered seat pad, 1 back board, 1 back board extension, 1 covered back pad, 2 lumbo-sacral support, 1 head support, 4 lateral trunk/pelvic supports, 1 abductor, 1 trunk strap, 1 pelvic strap, 2 foot straps and 1 tray with locking mechanism
      • All needed brackets and fastenners are pre-assembled and mounted to the seat unit and ready for adjusting to the users dimensions
      • Mounting straps for securing and easy removal the unit from the wheelchair base
      • Seat depth and back height are easily adjusted for growth
      • Simple modifications allow for accommodation of hip range limitations, fixed pelvic postures, and spinal deformity
      • Standard 6 point trunk strap minimizes risk of strangulation but remains easy to remove in an emergency
      • Brackets can be bent to the desired seat to back angle
      • Soft, molded foam head support with adjustable bracket is mounted at midline but can be repositioned to the left or right
      • Soft, molded trunk and hip pads can be fixed vertically, horizontally or diagonally
      • Small straps and molded pads come standard with the 12”(30cm) and 14”(35cm) D-Seat
      • Large straps and molded pads come standard with the 16”(40cm) and 18”(45cm) D-Seat
      • Postural Support Device (PSD) Collection (small or large) includes pads, brackets and fasteners for: 1 head support; 4 lateral trunk/pelvic supports, 1 abductor, 1 trunk strap; 1 pelvic strap; 2 foot straps
      • Unit weight is between 8.6kg to 9.9kg depending on the size with all PSDs attached

Video Credit:  Momentum Wheels for Humanity and Cielo de Amor

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Additional Information

Product Sizes:

Description Small (S) Medium (M) Large (L) Extra Large (XL)
Seat Width 7.5″ (19cm) to 12″ (30cm) 8.5″ (21cm) to 14″ (35cm) 9.5″ (23.5cm) to 16″ (40cm) 10.5″ (26cm) to 18″ (45cm)
Seat Depth Max 14″ (35cm) Max 16″ (40cm) Max 18″ (45cm) Max 20″ (50cm)
Backrest Height 12″ (30cm) to 18″ (45cm) 14″ (35cm) to 20″ (50cm) 16″ (40cm) to 22″ (55cm) 18″ (45cm) to 24″ (60cm)
Seat-to-Back Angle Brackets can be bent to the desired seat to back angle
Product Weight The D-Seat weight is between 8.6kg to 9.9kg depending on the size with all PSDs attached.
Weight Capacity Maximum user weight capacity ranges from 50kg to 100kg depending on the size.
Certification Tested according to ISO 16840-3 by an independent accredited ISO lab CE marked