D-Play Sports Wheelchairs by DDO

Ultra-light sports wheelchair available in two models:

  • D-PlayB for basketball
  • D-PlayT for Tennis and Badminton

D-PlayB model has been designed according to the International Wheelchair Basketball Federation Rules.


    • Ultra-light yet sturdy Aluminum frame available in six sizes
    • 18 degree fixed rear wheel camber for increased maneuverability
    • Tension adjustable seat and backrest Nylon upholstery
    • Removable, height and length adjustable dual anti-tipper
    • Adjustable backrest height
    • Adjustable footrest height
    • Frame front guard on D-PlayB model
    • Single layer seat cushion standard
    • Calf, lap, and foot strap standard

Please watch the video to learn more about the D-Play Sports Wheelchair.

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Important: This product should be provided and fitted by appropriately trained professionals.
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Additional Information

Product Information:

Seat width 12″ (30cm) 13″ (33cm) 14″ (35cm) 15″ (38cm) 16″ (40.5cm) 17″ (43cm) 18″ (45.5cm) 19″ (48cm)
Seat depth 13″ – 15″ (33cm – 38cm), adjustable 14″ – 16″ (38cm – 40.5cm), adjustable
Backrest height(cm) 8″ – 12″ (20cm – 30cm), adjustable
Weight 12kg/26lb
Rear wheels 24″ × 1″ standard
Castors 3″ mini-castors with Aluminum forks