Resources and Publications

Here are some helpful resources we think would help you if you are working in the field of wheeled mobility and seating in low-resourced settings:

  • Product Narrative Wheelchairs – A Market Landscape and Strategic Approach to Increasing Access to Wheelchairs and Related Services in Low and Middle Income Countries, ATScale and AT2030 (View Report).
  • Special Seating an Illustrated Guide – Jean Anne Zollars, MA, PTPlease visit for more information. To order directly please visit Special Seating Guide
  • Is Your Child’s Seating System Hazardous? – Peter W. Axelson, Denise Chesney, and Jamie Noon (View Paper)
  • Guidelines for Seating Prescribers – Promoting Airway Safety When Prescribing Harnesses For Wheelchair and Other Seating Devices. (View Document)
  • WHO Priority Assistive Products List (APL). Please visit APL to download your copy or view report.
  • A link to the report of the study Impact of structured wheelchair services on satisfaction and function of wheelchair users in Zimbabwe
  • Getting to Know CP manual is now available free on the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine website. Please follow the link to access it for use in non-profit activities. (View Manual)
  • Family Care for Children with Disabilities by: USAID, World Learning, Parteneriate Pentru Fiecare Copil. (View Report)
  • A link to the 2017 GREAT summit report by the GATES foundation (View report). You can view our snapshot presented at the summit here.
  • WHO report on Economic Assessment of Alternative Options to the Provision of Wheelcharis in Tajikistan (View Report).
  • Wheelchair skills manual by the Faculty of Medicine, Dalhousie University (View Manual).