Employment and Workability

DDO’s vision of the future is one where people with disabilities feel free and equal to those around them. To achieve this goal we offer best practice reviews to companies and other organizations that wish to create a better environment for their current, or prospective, employees as well, as providing guidance on how to make their place of work accessible for people with disabilities.

Exclusion is at the heart of most of the problems faced by persons with disabilities. On the one hand, businesses are eager to include people with disabilities. We understand that businesses and economic empowerment initiatives could greatly benefit from employees and clients with disabilities. Yet, on the other hand, organisations and businesses lack the tools and training needed to practically implement inclusive policies and procedures. This dilemma presents an opportunity for DDO to use our considerable expertise in disability inclusion to improve the quality of life of thousands of disabled people through inclusion in mainstream employment.

Our associates have the experience initiating, implementing and leading programs, conducting of training of trainer workshops, consulting and providing strategic input into Employment and Workability Programs. Some countries where these programs that have been delivered are Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Sierra Leone, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Uganda.

We provide professional workshops and training sessions to tackle issues that may occur during the hiring and retainment of employees with disabilities. We also facilitate open discussions to create a plan of action that will make everyone included in the workplace.

DDO will not force any changes on you! Our hope and goal is to work on a consensus-based model to work alongside you to establish best practices in the workplace.