D-Contour Molded Pressure Relief Cushion with Elastic Cover by DDO

The D-Contour cushion by DDO is a very effective, affordable, light weight, pressure relief cushion for wheelchair users. The cushion enables easy customization anywhere in the field to suit each individual user’s needs.


The D-Contour includes a deep contoured base, a specifically designed insert, deep gluteal contour at the rear and unique features which enhance pressure management and positioning. The elastic cover follows deep contours and anatomically shaped features.

The design is consistent with the World Health Organization Guidelines on the Provision of Manual Wheelchairs in Less Resourced Settings and perfectly complements the Wheelchair Service Training Packages.

Product specifications






Inch (Width x  Length)

14 x 18

16 x 18

18 x 18

20 x 18

mm (Width x  Length)

350 x 450

400 x 450

450 x 450

500 x 450

Please see D-Contour product brochure.

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Important: This product should be provided and fitted by appropriately trained professionals.
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