Positioning belts are used by people who need additional support in the wheelchair or seating system. The belts can be used either as a complete set or in various combinations, according to user’s needs.


Two Point Pelvic Belt – The Two Point Pelvic Belt improves the stabilization of the pelvis in a good seating position in the wheelchair or the seating unit. The belt tension can be adjusted easily according to the user’s requirements.
 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Four Point Pelvic Belt – The Four Point Pelvic Belt offers improved resistance to movement and superior stability. The secondary attachment straps reduce the pelvic belt twisting. The belt holds the pelvis in a good position when the person has a lot of movement.

shoulder strap

Six point Shoulder strap-Chest strap combination – The combined strap provides upper body support by keeping the shoulders and upper chest in a more upright position. The belts can be easily opened using buckles and they can be adjusted to fit around the user’s trunk. The belt padding spreads load over a broad area to minimize interface pressure.
 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Foot Strap – The Foot Strap helps to stabilize the user’s foot while allowing controlled movement. The strap improves comfort and tolerance for positioning.

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