D-Slim Pressure Relief Wheelchair Cushion by DDO

Probably the most affordable low profile, light weight, pressure relief cushion available on the market. The D-Slim cushion includes a contoured base and a top layer of high resilience foam, for enhanced pressure management and positioning. The cushion was designed with input from Jamie Noon, an independent consultant who holds patents and designs in commercial use, with 30 years of experience in rehabilitation technology of which 18 of those focused on developing countries. The D-Slim design is consistent with the World Health Organization Guidelines on the Provision of Manual Wheelchairs in Less Resourced Settings and perfectly complements the Wheelchair Service Training Packages. This cushion was tested and met all the requirements for US Medicare coding for the E2603 Skin Protection Cushion.

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  • Sizes are nominal
  • The cushion length can be shortened from the front of the cushion by cutting out the foam to the desired seat depth
  • As responsible providers we are submitting the product to ongoing evaluation.

    Product specifications







    Inch (Width x  Length)

    12 x 16

    14 x 18

    16 x 18

    18 x 18

    20 x 18

    mm (Width x  Length)

    300 x 400

    350 x 450

    400 x 450

    450 x 450

    500 x 450

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