D-Stretch Lying Position Solutions by DDO

The D-Stretch is a versatile Lying Positioning Base on which customised solutions can be built for clients to maintain appropriate, stable, safe, and comfortable posture.To distribute the D-Stretch, the client would be assessed, after which point a trained professional will provide solutions for varying needs of clients in low resourced settings using the product.


The D-Stretch is designed to optimize postural alignment in a horizontal position. Components are easily adjustable, and once adjusted can maintain their positions for repeated use. It can be easily transported to accommodate the client’s daytime schedules at alternate locations. D-Stretch could be mounted on any mattress or bed.

The D-Stretch serves both child and adult size users.

With the creative intervention of a trained professional, the D-Stretch can help the client to reduce the development of orthopedic deformities while keeping the client comfortable. The comfort and the quality of rest will promote optimum body system function and health, further improving physical and cognitive wellbeing.

Important note: Prior to using ensure that a trained professional has checked and mitigated any risks of pressure sores, aspiration, choking and/or positional apnea for clients, allowing for safe swallowing and optimal respiration.


1.       Can be used as an element of a comprehensive 24-hour postural management system in conjunction with appropriate wheelchairs and supportive seating units
2.       Comfort and non-invasive gentle support
3.       Versatile and modular
4.       Fully customizable
5.       Easily combined with other positioning devices
6.       Breathable material
7.       Light and portable
8.       Small packaging for ease of shipping
9.       Available in two sizes
10.     Washable

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Important: This product should be provided and fitted by appropriately trained professionals.
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